Accessing Subscription Journals

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The Library subscribes to a number of scholarly journals to support your research. These online journals and periodicals are available through the Library's home page 24/7. To find them, follow these steps.


Step 1: Find your journal in OneSearch

Starting at the Library's HOME PAGE, enter the name of the journal in OneSearch.



Step 2: Sort your results list

Using the filters in the left panel, limit your results list to "full-text online" (Available at CPP) and "journals" (Resource Type). See the sample search below. In this example, we searched for the journal, Renewable Energy.


Step 3: Accessing the journal

You can either click on "Check for Online Access" or click on the title of the journal. Either action will open the library record, which contains the link to the database and other useful information about the journal.




For example, there is a description of the volumes and years to which the library subscribes for each journal. For this journal, articles from 02/01/1995 (volume: 6 issue: 1) are available. See the image below.


Step 4: Click on the database to access the journal. Our server will ask you to enter Bronco name and password.



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