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Greetings and welcome to this tutorial on how to use the University Library's Document Delivery system! You complete this tutorial by following the instructions in this box while working in the other window on your screen, which is a live webpage.

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1: What happens when the Library doesn't have your item

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So, what happens when you search for something in the library databases and the library doesn't have access to it?  Let's find out:

From the Library Homepage, click on the "databases" link under the heading "featured links"

Databases link on library homepage

Now click on the link for Academic Search Premier, located on the right hand of the page under the heading "Popular Databases"

Academic Search Premier Link

1: What happens when the Library doesn't have your item

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Now, in the search box copy and paste the following text (including the quotation marks)

"Verifying parentage and genetic variability among arabian horse using ISSR markers."

In the drop-down menu next to the search box select the option "TI Title"

Click on Search

1: What happens when the Library doesn't have your item

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There should be only one search result, go ahead and click on the title to access the article record.

You will notice that there is no link for PDF full text for this article.  Instead, there is a find it button, which means we may or may not have access to this article. 

Find It Button

Click on the Find it button.

1: What happens when the Library doesn't have your item

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Clicking on the "Find It" button takes you into this article's record in OneSearch. 

Note the message box that invites you to sign in for options to get this article

Sign In no resource box

Click the "sign in" link

Now sign in with your Bronco ID and Password

1: What happens when the Library doesn't have your item

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Now you will see a to document delivery appear on the OneSearch page

Document Delivery Link

click on the link to access the Document Delivery server.

1: What happens when the Library doesn't have your item

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Clicking this link will take you to the "Article Request" form in the Document Delivery server.

As you can see, when you click on the link from the record in OneSearch, the required fields in the form all auto-populate.

If you wanted to get a copy of this article, all you would need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "submit request" button


2: Retrieving your Document Delivery Request

Now, check out the menu on the left hand side of the Document Delivery Server.

When you request a journal article, it is usually sent to you electronically as a PDF.  When it is ready, the Library will send you an email notification, which will include a link to the Document Delivery Server.

You can retrieve the PDF by clicking on that link and logging into your account (using your Bronco ID and Password) and clicking on the "Electronically Recieved Articles" link.

Closeup of links in the ILLiad system with the electronically received articles link highlighted

3: Quick facts about Document Delivery

How much does a Document Delivery Request cost you?

About how long will it take to receive your Document Delivery Request

Where do you pick up or return physical items requested through Document Delivery?

True or False?  You need to return articles received electronically through Document Delivery.


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