Navigating the E-Book Central Interface

Open Ebooks Database Page

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Welcome to this tutorial on how to navigate the E-Book Central interface. In this tutorial we are going to cover the following:
1. How to open an ebook in the database
2. How to download specific chapters of that ebook
3. How to download the entire ebook to your computer or an e-reader of your choice.

To access the E-Book Central database scroll down to the link for E-Book Central and click on it.

If you are doing this tutorial from off campus, instead of seeing the database screen, you will see the Cal Poly single sign on screen and be prompted to sign in using your Bronco ID and password. Once you've done so, click to the next page of the tutorial using the right hand arrow below.

Now to access an ebook you have to choose one first.

In this case, enter the following title into the search box:

"Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook"

And hit the "Search" button

Search Button from e-book central

Your first result should be the book with that title, click on the title to enter the e-book

Now, if you want to just read the e-book off of your computer without downloading it, you can click on the "read online" option on the menu on the left-hand of the screen

Left hand menu on e-book central

If you want to download the book onto your computer or e-reader, click on the "Download Book" option

In this case, click on the download book option

You will notice that the database prompts you to open the book when you click on the download book option click on the "open book" button

Now that you've opened the e-book, check out the tool bar across the top of the page, this bar provides you with buttons that allow you to:

• Download the full e-book
• Print a number of pages as a PDF
• Add the book to an online bookshelf
• Share a permalink to the e-book
• Use a citation tool to cite the e-book
• Tools to highlight, make notes and bookmark pages in the e-book

If we want to download this whole e-book, you can click on the "Download Full E-book" button

download full e-book button

Go ahead and click on the button (don't worry it doesn't immediately download!)

At this point a window will appear that will prompt you to select the format you wish the e-book to download as

PDF Format works best for e-readers or computers that run:
• Bluefire Reader
• Adobe Digital Editions
• Adobe Acrobat

EPUB Format works best for e-readers or computers that run:
• Apple iBooks
• Bibliovore
• Readium

Once you've picked your format, follow the prompts and instructions that follow to download the book.

(If you don't already have one of the following e-reader software's installed on your machine, you will need to download one of them)


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