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To find ABI/INFORM, you can start here.

The easiest way to find the database is to click on "databases" (lower right-hand side of the home page).


Library's home page

To access ABI/INFORM, click on the link for the database. If you are off-campus, you will asked to log in with your Bronco ID and password.

How to find the ABI/INFORM link


Sample Search: leadership styles

ABI/INFORM is the largest business database to which the library subscribes. Just like Google, it is easy to search but gives you a much smaller set of results. You can easily skim through the results to find what you need. 

There are multiple ways to limit your search to reduce the number of hits:

1. Use quotations: "leadership styles". Quotations will search for the entire phrase.

2. Limit by date. You can limit to the last 5 years.

Don't forget to click Update.


3. Select Source Type (Ex.: Scholarly Journals)

  ABI Source Type Limiter

4. Use Subjects: select subjects to narrow your results.

Notice that you can include OR exclude subjects.



We went from 263,640 > 149 by applying various filters.

Source Types

Scholarly Journals: Publish articles written by scholars and professionals in their field. The articles will have extensive references and the topics are specialized. Most scholarly journals are peer-reviewed (e.g., The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing)

  • What does peer-reviewed mean? Peer-reviewed articles are submitted to a journal for review by the author's peers. The articles are reviewed to ensure the research is valid and relevant to the field.

Trade Journals: Contain articles and reports for a specific trade or industry published by a trade association (e.g., Tax Adviser).

Newspapers/Magazines: Publish articles on an ongoing basis - daily, weekly, monthly. These articles are typical short and are reporting on the current news and trends in business (e.g., Wall Street Journal/Harvard Business Review).

Wire Feeds: These feeds include the latest reports, updates on business topics (e.g., Business Daily). Entries include business news as well as public relations pieces on a variety of business topics.

Reports: Reports are original research on a particular topic. Reports often include data and/or statistics on a topic (e.g., Industry SnapShots).

Blogs & Websites: These sites are internet sources, which can be written, created, and published by experts, journalists, and practitioners. These sites are written by an individual or group using informal language and are not necessarily publishing objective information. They can useful in learning about the latest updates on companies or products (e.g., Newstex Trade & Industry Blogs).

Dissertations & Theses: Papers written on a specialized topic to satisfy requirements for Ph.D. and Master's degrees. The purpose is to train students to how write scholarly research. They include original research on the topic, using primary and secondary sources (e.g., Developing a Supplier Performance Management Program at a Southern California Utility Company).

Filter by Company/Org.

If you still can't find relevant articles, try limiting by company or organization.
  • Google Inc.
  • Twitter Inc.
  • National Football League (NFL)
  • Netflix Inc.
  • Army - US



Click on "Preview" to see the Abstract, Subjects, and Tools.


You can email, print, or save the article. Click "Cite" to verify the proper citation format.

You can get the article in two ways: Click on "Full Text - PDF" or "Find It" to locate it via OneSearch.

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